Alan Webster Consultancies
  • Alan Webster Consultancies

    is committed to helping service providers value add to their service mandates by offering a range of professional services including:

    • Family Therapy: counselling, supervision of your cases and training in
    • Parenting skills: training to both parents and professionals who work with parents
    • Educational and in-service training: see our training page
    • Professional Supervision: see our supervision page for details and contract
    • Project Work and research: Dr Galloway has extensive experience in research and project management
    • Organizational process consultancy: Restructure, P&P, staff coaching, funding submissions - we help
    • Evaluation of programs: We can measure your effectiveness and evaluate your reach
    • Clinical Case Consultancy: Consult on a case, develop specific skills for a case or expert court opinion
  • Alan Webster Consultancies is situated in beautiful Cairns, right on the Great Barrier Reef.
    Great Barrier Reef, off Cairns. Photo credit OwnMoment at sxc photo exchange
  • Drawing credit timtim
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