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A letter to service providers

Dear Service Provider

This letter serves to introduce you to Alan Webster Consultancies. Alan Webster Consultancies is committed to helping service providers value add to their service mandates by offering a range of professional services including:

1.  Educational and in-service training. These opportunities are offered in two main ways. The first is the opportunity to participate in a variety of training workshops.  These workshops target a variety of service providers, from support workers to professionally trained workers and from new workers to managers. We hope this range of educational opportunities provides a means for your organization to engage in the training and support of new and experienced workers. The second way in which educational and in-service opportunities can be engaged will be through you contacting Alan Webster Consultancies directly and discussing your unique in-service training needs. Workshops will then be developed to service these needs with your targeted group.

2.  Professional Supervision. Professional supervision is a process whereby an organization out-sources its professional supervision of staff to Alan Webster Consultancies. Supervision is an activity which engages practitioners in critically exploring their work practices through understanding, among other things:• the mesh of theory with practice. This enables workers to clearly articulate:

  •  a rationale based in professional literature and research for their chosen work based practices;
  • how their everyday work meshes with the mandate of the organization including the policies their organization is implementing on behalf of government or government bureaucracies;
  • the mesh of practice with organizational structures, protocols and expectations;
  • how workplace relationships, including use of self in the workplace impact service delivery;
  • how to work across organizations in a whole-of-government approach to service delivery;
  • how to manage stress and workplace expectations while maintaining a healthy work-life balance.

Professional supervision provided by Alan Webster Consultancies enables an organization to ensure that employees are provided impartial professional support in articulating and developing socially just, professionally defensible and skilled approaches to their practice at whatever level of their employment in the organization.

Professional supervision may also be engaged whereby staff train with Dr. Galloway in particular practices (such as family and narrative therapy, case management, and processes helpful for working with Indigenous people) and then continue in a supervisory relationship with her to implement these practice frameworks in their everyday work. In this direct practice type of supervision, it is expected that staff and Dr. Galloway work together with particular service users. In this way, workers see the consultant/educator implementing particular theories while simultaneously being actively engaged in building their own skills in working with their client group. Alan Webster Consultancies recognizes that clients can be individuals, families, groups and communities.

3.  Project Work. Alan Webster Consultancies engages with organizations to develop, implement and evaluate specific projects which value-add to the practical work, mission and mandate of that organization. This may include research projects through which organisations articulate their practice and its outcomes to funders, the community, the government (etc).

4.  Organizational process consultancy. Many organizations, at some point, develop issues around what the literature calls “process” or “maintenance functions” or “staff relationships”. An agency may be clear about its mandate, about the actual work (tasks) it is expected to carry out, and may indeed carry these functions out at an acceptable level, but be hampered in its overall functioning through inter-staff conflict or an organisational culture which is not aligned with the mission statement or vision of the organization. These conflicts have detrimental effects on the organization, with managers spending most of their time dealing (or attempting to deal) with staff issues, staff feeling undervalued and perhaps overwhelmed and unsupported (etc.). Alan Webster Consultancies is experienced in working with organizations in these predicaments through undertaking workplace assessments and engaging with staff in negotiating workplace interventions, processes and monitoring tools for regaining “process” or “relationship” equilibrium. A report of all work is provided to the organization at the assessment, intervention and evaluation stages of this consultancy work.

5.  Evaluation of programs. Evaluation is important as a self –reflective tool and as a tool of transparency to demonstrate the work undertaken by an organization and to articulate its impact upon the lives of service users. Evaluation of programs may be instigated by an organization itself or be part of a stipulated objective attached to funding opportunities. Alan Webster Consultancies is experienced in the evaluation of service sector programs. We look forward to hearing from you about your evaluation needs.

6.  Clinical Case Consultancy. Dr. Galloway has clinical experiences in several schools of family therapy, including narrative therapy.  She has experience in trauma work and engages clinical practice through CBT, Mindfulness and ACT.  Each of these forms of therapy enable the personal/idiosyncratic and real socio-political contexts of peoples’ lives to be accounted for at all levels of practice including assessment, intervention planning; intervention; evaluation and termination stages. Dr. Galloway is available as a clinical case consultant to your case conferences; case planning meetings; case management meetings (etc.).

7.  Group work and program development for rural and remote communities

In this letter we have outlined seven major drivers of Alan Webster Consultancies. These are those of educational and in service training; professional supervision; project work including research; organizational process consultancy; evaluation of programs; clinical case consultancy; and the development of group work and other programs in rural and remote communities. We look forward to partnering with you in these endeavours. Please contact us at that above telephone and e-mail addresses regarding your organizational needs, at your earliest convenience.

Yours Faithfully

Dr. Greta Galloway
B.A B.Soc. Admin M.Soc.Sc Grad. Cert Ed Ph.D MAASW
Clinical Director

Mr. Alan Webster
B.A B.Ed M.Ed.
Administrative Director

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