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Professional supervision is a process whereby an organization out-sources its professional supervision of staff to Alan Webster Consultancies. Supervision is an activity which engages practitioners in critically exploring their work practices through understanding, among other things:

  • the mesh of theory with practice. This enables workers to clearly articulate a rationale based in professional literature and research for their chosen work based practices
  • how their everyday work meshes with the mandate of the organization including the policies their organization is implementing on behalf of government or government bureaucracies
  • the mesh of practice with organizational structures, protocols and expectations
  • the historic roots and ongoing development of their own personal practice framework
  • workplace relationships, including use of self in the workplace
  • how to work across organizations in a whole-of-government approach to service delivery
  • how to manage stress and workplace expectations while maintaining a healthy work-life balance.

Professional supervision provided by Alan Webster Consultancies enables an organization to ensure that employees are provided impartial professional support in articulating and developing socially just, professionally defensible and skilled approaches to their practice at whatever level of their employment in the organization.

Professional supervision may also be engaged whereby staff train with Dr. Galloway in particular practices (such as family and narrative therapy, case management, trauma informed modalities) and then continue in a supervisory relationship with her to implement these practice frameworks in their everyday work. In this direct practice type of supervision, it is expected that staff and Dr. Galloway work together with particular service users. In this way, workers see the consultant/educator implementing particular theories while simultaneously being actively engaged in building their own skills in working with their client group.

Alan Webster Consultancies recognizes that clients can be individuals, families, groups and communities.


Alan Webster Consultancies